‘Have a mat, will travel’

Everyone has a motto in life — or at least most people I know have a phrase or set of words they live by.

Mine? It’s rather simple: “Have a Mat; Will Travel.”

But what does that mean? It means exactly what it says — as long as you have a yoga mat, or even a towel, yoga is right at your finger-tips.

When I first started Simply Yoga, it was strictly a traveling yoga service. My mission was (and still is) to provide health and wellness to my local community through yoga. It allowed me to provide yoga to my local community without an actual physical location. I started teaching at Inner Circle Personal Fitness, private sessions in peoples homes, Keystone wrestling team, The Shepherd’s Well (a non-profit organization), and anywhere people wanted! I literally traveled with my mat!

This continued for about 10 months as I continued growing my clientele before the need for the studio arose. And even though Simply Yoga is an actual studio now at 134 West Herrick Ave., in Wellington, there are still plenty of days where I travel in and around Southern Lorain County to help people (either in a school, business, etc.) in their quest for better health.

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