Trapeze yoga

Trapeze yoga is one of the newer forms of yoga – and it’s one crazy fun, awesome workout for your entire body!

I became certified in trapeze yoga just under a year ago — in November 2018, but since then, I have seen an increase in the number of yoga students wanting to give it a try.

Sure, there are some moves that require a bit more skill than others, but remember that everything in life takes practice – and the more often we move our bodies, the more often they will WANT to move in the way we want them to move!

If you are a bit nervous about trying trapeze yoga, trust me when I say that we have ALL been there! No one is expected to attend a trapeze yoga session and come out swinging (pun intended!) and I will be there to guide you and your body into the right movements!

For more information on where trapeze yoga classes are offered, head over to the class/class locations menu button above ^^^^ … and we hope to see you there!

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