Working in a workout

Practice yoga anywhere … including … near a cornfield!

Everyone, everywhere should make time to exercise, but the reality is, some days it’s just not that easy. There are so many benefits to working out – whether you engage in aerobics, yoga or even a simple walk – any form of physical activity is good for you!

But what if you only get to work out two days per week – what can do you during those other five? For starters, walk. Walk as much as you can – park far away from your office, to the grocery store, mall, etc. Have a kid involved in sports during the fall? Use that time to take a stroll – most practice areas are near parks, or even neighborhoods (just make sure your children are of age where you feel comfortable leaving them for 15 minutes). For those of you who work in an office, see if you can get a group of “walkers” together to walk outside during your lunch break.

But, if you can’t get a walk in during the day or night, there are still ways to get moving during the evening hours. You can do leg lifts, crunches or even lift weights while watching TV at night, plus there are tons of free apps that offer short exercises to follow too.

And of course, there is yoga! The GREAT thing about yoga — you only need your body — and a mat is wonderful or even a towel. Yoga uses your own body as a workout tool – how cool is that?

How will YOU move this week?

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