Make 2020 a GREAT year

Ah, yes, the first week of the New Year – most either love it or hate it. You may love it because it signals a new life, a new beginning. A fresh start. Or you may hate it because it means you have made a promise to yourself to eat better and get in shape – but coming off a month and a half of holiday (Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve), it may be hard to find the motivation. I get it. We all get it. But, it’s important to take baby steps. For starters, add some fruit or veggies into your daily diet. Or start walking on a treadmill or hitting the gym two days a week at first, then work your way up to three and four. Looking at making 2020 more about life choices? Put down your cell phone or other electronic device and engage in a face-to-face conversation with someone at a local coffee shop. Make the choice to make your life better. I know it is easier said than done … but doesn’t just seeing the year 2020 make you want to start?

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