Finding patience during a trying week

Oh Yogi friends and followers … what a week it has been! Am I right? It’s the week before Thanksgiving and even I have been stressed. How does that happen to a yoga instructor? I’ll tell you … LIFE. Life happens. And the funny thing is, no matter how difficult MY life MAY be or HAS been (this week), there is always someone else, somewhere else, who is going through something much more “heavy” than me. That is why I am taking a moment today. I am taking a moment to find my zen; to find myself; and to find patience.

Patience has been difficult this week. For starters, my website had to be rebuilt from scratch. That was a headache in of itself because we at Simply Yoga worked for hours on the first one. But, here’s the thing … we kind of like the NEW one EVEN better than the older one. Granted, there isn’t much change, but the changes that I do see, I like. So, maybe the old one getting stuck in CyberSpace was a blessing in disguise?

And while I was trying to get the website back up and running, I also find myself back in elementary school – as a volunteer. Let me tell you … teachers today, you all must have back-up after back-up after back-up of patience hidden in your desks, classrooms and lounges! Teachers are now my heroes!

Here’s to hoping EVERYONE finds their zen and patience this weekend …

Much love, Tessa

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