Staying calm during December

Make time for YOU this holiday season

Well my friends, the craziness of the holiday season is definitely among us.

And, didn’t it come on quicker this year than in the past? Or is that just how I am feeling? It’s as if one minute we were gathered around the Thanksgiving table, giving thanks for our blessings and then the next minute – bang – we are being pulled in all different directions.

Some of my friends have shared with me their December calendars – Christmas plays, Christmas school programs, basketball practices, basketball games, holiday parties (school, work and family), volleyball and everything else you can possibly think of is happening in December. Plus, many of my friends work out of their home, so as the days are plucked off one by one, the time to get anything done (like gift wrapping!) diminishes – including taking time for YOU.

I have shared this before, and I will share it again – if you don’t make the TIME for YOU, you are only hurting yourself and your loved ones. Making sure you are eating right, exercising and maybe even adding in a daily journal exercise will do wonders for your holiday spirit.

I can hear you all now – when, when should I do this?

It doesn’t have to be a set time during the day (although routines help) – maybe try taking a brisk walk during your lunch break, grab a salad at a restaurant instead of a heavy meal that will only make you want to sleep the rest of the afternoon or maybe journal right before bed, or when you get up in the morning, while you sip a cup of coffee or tea.

I don’t have the right answers to help my friends get through the holiday months, but I do know that it’s important for my friends to take care of themselves during the holiday months.

Do you have any helpful ideas that may be beneficial to others?

Drop your suggestions in the FB thread where this column was posted … and let’s all get through this TOGETHER!



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